Label Link for available paintings  below in order:   Xio & Mimi,  Mimi at Play,  Another world, Mimi's Birthday wish, Mimi's Party,  I am not your Friend,  Let's Play,  Face in the City, A walk in the woods, Tiger, Turtle, The ex, Lena's sip and chat,  The jump,  & prayer in the rain,  Cry me a river, Blue chair, Green Lady, La Rue de Reeves,  Las Olas 02a, 02b, 02c .


If you would like to commission a piece first hit the following link: 'Release Form for Artistic Rendering', then you will also need to submit a deposit of $100 and email the photo you would like rendered to:, (for additional contact information see and click on the Home link here or at the top of this page)
(save filled out original release form to submit at a later date and time) Thank you!